Metrolla Announces Official Automated with Velodyne Partnership

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Seattle, Washington (November 5th, 2020) -- Metrolla and Velodyne Lidar, Inc. (Nasdaq:VLDR) officially announced Metrolla’s participation in the

Automated with Velodyne Partner Program. Metrolla provides real-time remote offload of LiDAR data which is currently unavailable to the span of markets Velodyne serves. Velodyne's low-cost, high-scale manufacturing attracts a vast range of industries with the common goal addressed by Metrolla: to enhance automation capabilities with LiDAR data. 

Nearly a decade ago, LiDAR technology started similar to Metrolla’s founding - with the goal to empower autonomous vehicles. Since LiDAR was introduced, this technology has grown with the expedited age of automation to span across industries as diverse as mapping, defense, robotics and more. Founded by industry veterans, Metrolla was created to bridge communication and data accessibility gaps across the autonomous vehicle industry. Since launching, Metrolla has expanded capabilities to serve any industry utilizing LiDAR operating on the Robot Operating System, the same OS technology

utilized by Velodyne and most major LiDAR manufacturers. Metrolla's partnership with Velodyne, the first LiDAR manufacturer to IPO,

will expand automation capabilities across a range of industries. 

Metrolla’s participation in the Automated with Velodyne program improves how Velodyne customers can access data in near real-time, with capabilities to create custom data pipelines connected to centralized (cloud) data repositories. This helps Velodyne serve a range of industries with more useful methods to interact with the LiDAR data streamed from Velodyne devices. Ultimately, Metrolla’s developments will help Velodyne end-users improve machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities, expediting the path to automation -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “When we  started this company, I knew there was  an  untapped market to bridge communication and data pipeline gaps. Now, we’re partnering with industry leaders to help  deliver  near  real-time data  offload  and  make the  terabytes of  LiDAR data  more readily accessible to engineers and data scientists.” - Adam Szablya, CTO and Founder, Metrolla.