Safety And Security Applications

Metrolla helps industrial and governmental facilities bolster their existing security needs by using geospatial data to track potential threats to their facilities, gather and save event data, and automatically inform security personnel and stakeholders. Companies, Defence Contractors and Government Organizations are interested in Metrolla for the end-to-end solution Metrolla provides to create real time actionable insights from current security infrastructure like video cameras and enhances current solutions with LiDAR. Current implementations rely mainly taking action after an intrusion has occurred causing costly damage or creating dangerous environments for security forces. Metrolla enables our customers to act before the damage is done.

Some of the metrics and solutions have asked us to collect include: crowd control, crowd counting, advanced detection of threat actors, virtual perimeter extension and geospatial tracking of people, vehicles and other items. In addition objects that are out of place and and abandoned items to reduce unknown hazards, etc.

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Advanced Perimeter Security
  • Intruder movement prediction
  • Intruder movement tracking
  • Intruder speed and distance measurement
  • Get and track the exact coordinates of intruder
High-Interest Zoning
  • Track traffic of secure access doors
  • Automated Dangerous Area Alerting
  • Detect Abandoned Items
  • Detection of hazardous objects.
Crowd Control
  • Large group counts
  • Loitering detection
  • Movement prediction
  • Overcrowding detection and alerting
  • Realtime analytics for existing backend reporting tools
  • Automated reports for grouped and individual locations
  • On-demand metrics reporting for individual sensors like cameras and LiDAR.
Automation Tools
  • Automated security alerts
  • Real-Time location updates of intruders
  • Trigger warnings and alarms on-site
Do you need a more robust solution to enhance your current security workforce?

We increase safety and security for our customers by helping them solve problems unique to industrial and governmental needs. Save time and money by reducing the workload of your employees by tracking and getting real-time notifications of unwanted intruders.

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