Smart City Applications

Metrolla helps cities add smart capabilities to their existing infrastructure to continuously update anonymous insights and to inform city stakeholders. Smart cities are interested in Metrolla for the end-to-end solution Metrolla provides to collect actionable insights from current infrastructure like video,radar and planned infrastructure like LiDAR. Current implementations rely mainly on perception which requires additional software or workforce for reporting, lacking scale and real-time aggregated data collection.

Some of the metrics smart cities have asked us to collect include: traffic patterns by analyzing speed, velocity, types of cars, aggregating information by time of day, pedestrian and bike traffic, and anomalies in their city such as wrong way detection, traffic incidents, etc.

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Pedestrian Safety
  • Near miss detection
  • Jaywalking detection
  • Foot traffic counting
  • Pedestrian movement tracking
  • Pedestrian movement prediction
  • Pedestrian speed and distance measurement
Bicycle Safety
  • Bicyclist traffic count
  • Bicycle movement tracking
  • Bicycle movement prediction
  • Speed and distance measurement
  • Near miss collision detection
  • Lane queues
  • Trajectory mapping
  • Near miss collision detection
  • Movement prediction and tracking
  • Speed and distance measurement
  • Wrong-way vehicle detection
City Analytics
  • Easily measure changes made to the city
  • Realtime analytics for existing metrics tools
  • Automated reports by location
  • On-demand metrics reporting from city sensors like cameras, radar, and LiDAR.
  • Use legacy data For better reporting
Automation Tools
  • Enable dynamic crosswalks
  • Enable adaptive yellow lights
  • Environment-driven Responsive Signs and Alerting
  • Ground Truth Data Feeds for Autonomous Vehicles
  • Data Connectivity for 1st and 3rd Party ITS Controllers
Need a REAL City Scale Solution?

Our value optimized solution will smarten up your city in no time using your existing infrastructure. Save time and money with our plug and play solution. Enhance 1st and 3rd party ITS controllers with better information. Increase the safety of roadways and walkways. Accurately measure changes made through the city with real time and regular management analytics from the source.

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