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Create situational awareness and drive better decisions with your existing city infrastructure by using Metrolla.

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Smarten Your
Collect Data
From the Source
Simplify Sensor
Automated Metrics
Easily Measure and
Adapt to Changes
Get Alerts From
Real-Time Events

Built for today's world, empowering the future.

As the world grows, it is cities are continuing to address Vision Zero efforts, need to measure changes, or secure sensitive facilities. Computer vision technology of today is being used by Metrolla to enable the future cities are working for.

Next generation transportation like Self-Driving Vehicles need better understanding of their environment. With smart infrastructure, city routes are made more efficient and streets made safer.

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Futureproof Your Ecosystem

Metrolla has tools to help you save time, effort, and money by automating reports from data sourced from your existing systems and any next generation computer vision technology being deployed.

As your needs change so should your environment. Update the information you get from the real world with the click of a button from the comfort of your desk.

With a robust automation toolset your infrastructure can adapt to the world around it, cities can measure the impact they are making, and increase safety.

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100% Driven By Customer Value
Highly Scalable We Build Adaptable Technology
Industry Backed 30+ Years Combined Experiences
Multiple Uses We Expand With Your Needs

We're simplifying the challenges of implementing LiDAR and smart sensor technology in Smart Cities and more.

Metrolla isn’t a SaaS or an SDK, we're an edge data access and deployment solution for computer vision technology. 

The Metrolla LitEdge provides a useful suite of tools to simplify your infrastructure and deliver useful information from what you find in Cameras, RADAR, and LiDAR sensors.

Metrolla brings usefulness to next generation sensors and grows new value from existing technology.

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