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Metrolla facilitates automation from machine vision.

Companies can now expedite development with raw data from their LiDAR ecosystem.

Learn how we're expediting development for autonomous applications.

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Preferred partners with LiDAR industry leaders

Reliable technology, built for autonomy.

Metrolla isn’t just another SDK, we're an edge processing toolset.

We help expedite development times to full autonomy with near-real-time data to apply Machine Learning to real environments, at scale.

With Metrolla, Smart Cities and Infrastructure have the ability to access and act on intelligent insights in real condition low band-width environments. 

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Highly Scalable and Reliable.

Our experienced team has built our infrastructure to ensure communication is always flowing this gives many opportunities for increased oversight and faster iteration.

Metrolla creates accessible, usable data for real-time development and machine learning. Object detection and tracking for smarter insights. Built with out of box self-learning algorithms.

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We're simplifying the challenges of implementing LiDAR technology. 

Metrolla is not an SDK or a SaaS. The Metrolla Autocomm is a sensor vendor agnostic appliance to simplify application and increase the usefulness of your sensors. The Autocomm works with all makes and models of LiDAR sensors. Our edge device provides a useful suite of tools to simplify your infrastructure and power data delivery at up to 40MB/s of LiDAR data delivery.

The Metrolla Dashboard integrates our communication services to give management and data engineering teams remote access to your LiDAR stream in near real-time.

Metrolla brings a new usefulness to LiDAR technology in both vision and communication.

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