Built with the industry in mind.

Metrolla is built for commercial B2B market. We realized that self driving vehicles will likely not come to the average consumer first but to the businesses who are shipping goods around the world. Our industry knowledge and experience of autonomous vehicle manufacturing means we built our system without the need to retool your manufacturing process and can use existing infrastructure already in your existing designs. We also know what systems are required to run in your vehicle and designed our products to replace multiple systems to better simplify your networking requirements on the vehicles. We also know that each process is slightly different than the last so we work with you directly to make sure your self driving truck is operating as efficiently as possible.

Our story

In 2011 Our Founder and CTO Adam Szablya started out his career turning wrenches on Audi’s. During a training session on Audi Pre-Sense Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS), it became clear that it was only a matter of time before manufacturers connected all their systems together. Adam realized self driving technology was around the corner. After working in cloud and networking technology for the last decade he spotted the need for a realistic vehicle to vehicle logistics communication network while working for the largest semi-truck manufacturer in the world as the lead DevOps Engineer in charge of designing the network on their self driving semi-truck project. Adam’s implemented network solution has been deployed on multiple models of truck. But while the trucks were going through the research and development it became clear that everyone was talking about how to get a vehicle to drive itself but no one was talking about who the vehicles would communicate with each other. Earlier in 2019 Adam met Chris Judd our CEO who helped Adam sell his first startup Tourzan.com a global experiences platform to one of the largest travel companies in the USA. Chris brings over 40 years experience in enterprise level distributed networking and communication solutions. His previous customers include Cisco and CenturyLink.


Start integrating with our fast, secure, and robust solutions.

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Easy to install and update

We make it dead simple to install automatically provision our products in your autonomous fleet.

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Powerful Features

Our interactive dashboard brings powerful telematics and functionality to let you enable a wide new range of solutions and metrics for your self driving fleet.

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Optimized for Performance

Our software is designed to be robust and reliable. We designed our services and products to be purpose built and optimised for autonomous vehicles.

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Collaborative Efforts

We work with you to help you get integrated and up and running. This is a Team effort from the moment we start the conversation we are in it with you.

I am ready to integrate with Metrolla