Built with purpose by industry veterans. 

Our industry knowledge and experience of autonomous information systems development and manufacturing means we built our system without the need to retool your manufacturing process and can use existing infrastructure already in your existing designs.

We also know what systems are required to run your application using machine vision and designed our products to replace multiple systems to better simplify your networking requirements wherever your sensors are sitting.

We also know that each process is slightly different than the last so we work with you directly to make sure your project is running as efficiently as possible.

Our story

In 2011, Metrolla's Founder Adam Szablya started his career turning wrenches on Audi’s. During a training session on Audi Pre-Sense Advanced Driver Assistance System(ADAS), Adam realized it was only a matter of time before manufacturers and cities connected their systems together with autonomous technology. As a leading DevOps Engineer at the largest semi-truck manufacturer in the world, Adam was charged with designing the network for a self-driving project and spotted the need for a realistic data and logistics communication network. 

Adam’s implemented network solution had been deployed on multiple models of trucks. But as trucks underwent R&D, he realized while everyone was talking about how to get a vehicle to drive itself, no one was talking was asking how they would retrieve the large amounts of data from where the sensors were implemented. Metrolla since has turned its primary focus on Smart Cities, Access Management and Utilities applications.  

Alexandra Reynolds, COO and Co-Founder, joined Metrolla in 2020 to lead digital operations and channel marketing and partnerships following her passion for disruption and automotive technology. Since founding her digital agency based in NYC in 2018, she has helped a range of tech companies and Fortune 1000 leaders launch their brands from inception to acquisition.

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