The Metrolla® Product Line
Metrolla's products have been developed in collaboration with various State and Local DOT's to ensure requirements are met in most typical installations.

Metrolla® SaaS (Coming Soon)

Metrolla SaaS

Metrolla® SaaS, a powerful software-only solution for seamless one-to-one video feed processing. This innovative offering eliminates the need for additional hardware infrastructure, allowing businesses to leverage advanced software benefits effortlessly. By simply providing the video feed URL, customers can process their own feeds with ease. Metrolla® SaaS integrates the cutting-edge capabilities of DataBlade and LitEdge systems, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional performance. Enjoy the advantages of scalability, cost-effectiveness, and rapid deployment through the SaaS model. With no hardware investments or maintenance concerns, the cloud-hosted and managed application frees businesses to focus on applied machine learning and real-time analytics, extracting actionable insights from video data. Streamline workflows, reduce complexities, and unlock data potential with Metrolla® SaaS—a convenient and efficient software-based solution.

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