The Metrolla™ AutoComm
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  • Highly Accurate GPS - Allows our product to double as your GPS and time server.
  • LiDAR Agnostic - Works across all LiDAR technology using ROS.
  • Flexible and scalable - Compatible streaming with AWS, Azure or self-hosted storage options.
  • Reliable & Trustworthy - In case of network loss, the AutoComm automatically switches networks to keep continuity of service to systems that rely on the internet.

  • Size: 1.34" x 4.53" x 3.23"
  • Weight: 15oz
  • Colors: Made to Order

The Metrolla™ AutoComm is the first device to enable remote streaming from LiDAR devices in near-real time. Our proprietary patent-pending approach works with all LiDAR technology utilizing the Robot Operating System. Our combination of flexibility, reliability, size, weight, and power is designed to empower entire remote and local LiDAR implementations and C-X2X applications the ability to remotely off-load data in near-real time. The Metrolla™ AutoComm allows companies to access data that was previously not able to be accessed in a way that is valuable.

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Edge Communication Node

The Metrolla™ Autocomm Cellular Anything to Anything Communication Node(C-X2X) provisions quickly allowing us to listen for information that is communicating on your deployment. This enables the Autocomm to hook into existing services to provide snapshot info from LiDAR or log bundles, or added services like streaming video feeds and location data. Our services also allow for Over The Air updates, and enabled us to send custom commands, software updates and deployments, all while receiving status updates and alerts on the fly.

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Integrated 4G Data Modem.

Our robust integrated and external cellular network modems enable redundant networking services for your product or application. While we can piggyback off existing networks, our devices can make the switch to provide nationwide 4G and 5G services in a second's notice. In the event of a network loss, we automatically switch over to bring you continuity of service and provide networking to your systems that rely on the internet.

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Highly Accurate GPS

Metrolla™ partners with industry leaders to ensure your location reporting is reliable. Built with highly accurate RTK, GPS, and GNSS technology the Metrolla™ Autocomm can double as your location and time server. In the event of a GPS blackout, we provide a refined, hardware-based, dead reckoning solution to maintain millimeter precision for short periods of time.

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Start integrating with our fast, secure, and robust solutions.

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Easy to install and update

We make it dead simple to install and automatically provision our products for the Autonomous Vehicles, Defense, Smart Cities, Robotics, and Mapping industries.

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Powerful Features

Metrolla's interactive dashboard and distributed data pipeline offers powerful telematics and functionality to view your LiDAR data, enabling a new range of data solutions and metrics. This enables engineers to iterate on Machine Learning processes at scale on live data.

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Optimized for Performance

Metrolla's software is purpose-built and designed to be robust and reliable, compatible across a range of LiDAR environments spanning multiple industries and implementations.

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Collaborative Efforts

We work with your team to integrate Metrolla with your current LiDAR technology and build a solution that solves your problems at scale.

Need Something Custom?

We work with hundreds of clients to build custom solutions that wont break the bank. We specialize in the autonomous vehicle industry and work to make solutions that are meant for your business. We love to know what you are trying to accomplish. Lets see how we can help you!

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